Does Lutron Caseta require a hub?

Since Caseta devices use Lutron’s proprietary Clear Connect RF wireless protocol, the hub is required in order to connect the switches to your network.

The only thing that no longer works if the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge goes out is that one cannot control the Lutron Caseta from the app anymore.

Likewise, what hubs work with Lutron Caseta? Caséta Wireless dimmers, Pico ® remote controls, and Serena battery-powered shades are compatible with Wink and Staples connected home hubs. Control lights and shades from the SmartThings app and add more automation to your home.

Additionally, do I need a Lutron bridge?

You’ll need either a Lutron Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO (any generation) and at least one Caséta Wireless dimmer or switch. (We used “kitchen” and “downstairs” lights as examples; Alexa will control your lights as long as you use the specific name you assigned to those lights in your Caséta Wireless system.)

Do smart switches need a hub?

The vast majority of smart lighting switches and dimmers on the market require an extra wire in the junction box called a neutral wire, which is lacking on many older homes. Unlike the Caséta products, though, GE’s new switches and dimmers do not require a hub and can connect directly to a Wi-Fi network.

What is the range of Lutron Caseta?


Can’t connect to Lutron Caseta bridge?

1) Make sure your Lutron device is plugged directly to a LAN (local area network) port on your router using a network cable. There are typically 4 or 8 LAN ports on most boxes. Check the lights to make sure the cable isn’t loose or anything like that. If in doubt, try a different cable.

Does Lutron Caseta work with 3 way switch?

I would like to install one Lutron Caseta Switch on a light that is controlled by a 3-way switch, the other switch will remain as a regular switch, It will end up like this. The Pico remote has a mounting bracket that installs in place of where a switch would be and the remote fits flush inside of a decora style plate.

How does Lutron Caseta work without neutral?

So the reason it doesn’t need a neutral is because it’s drawing current from the hot before it passes it along to the light switch. It’s just engineered differently. As to why everybody else doesn’t do that, it’s because they would have to pay Lutron patent license fees which they don’t want to do.

How does Caseta bridge work?

It connects to your router via an Ethernet cable, and communicates with Lutron lighting controls and motorized window shades using Lutron’s proprietary Clear Connect wireless technology, which operates in the same spectrum as devices such as motion sensors, garage-door openers, and security keyfobs.

Is Lutron Caseta Z Wave?

The Bottom Line: Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting with Smart Bridge. I have had my frustrations with straight Z-wave switches and dimmers (which of course, this Lutron gear is not). Once the Smart Bridge is recognized, so will be all the Lutron Caseta devices that are configured for it.

Is Lutron Caseta Z Wave or ZigBee?

The most common types of connectivity are either over plain Wi-Fi, or using Z-Wave or ZigBee. However, some smart switches use their own proprietary wireless protocol, most notably Lutron with their Caseta devices.

Does Lutron Caseta require Internet?

The Caseta system requires internet for initial setup, and for syncing its time. Once it is set up, you can remove it from the internet, and the Scheduled Scenes will still occur as long as the bridge doesn’t lose power. The time on the bridge should be pretty accurate for a few months without internet connection.

How many Lutron smart bridges are there?

It offers a Clear Connect Technology, that does not compete with other Wi-Fi connected devices. You can support up to 50 Caseta devices with the Smart Bridge, allowing you to customize your home and make it truly smart.

What works with Lutron Smart Bridge?

Included Smart bridge supports up to 50 devices and works with Alexa, Apple Homekit, Ecobee, the Google Assistant, Honeywell, Logitech, Samsung SmartThings, Sonos, Serena shades & more Use the Smart Bridge and free app to control lights, shades and temperature from anywhere.

Does Lutron Caseta work with Siri?

The Lutron App for Caséta Wireless is available for Android. However, Android devices do not have Siri and do not support third-party HomeKit apps. Yes, everyone in the home with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8.3 or later can use Siri to control Caséta Wireless dimmers in the home.

Can Lutron control hue?

Just like the Philips Hue system, the Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer operates via Zigbee technology. You can still control your Hue lights with the Aurora dimmer even if the Wi-Fi goes down.

Why do smart switches need neutral?

There’s a reason why almost every smart switch needs a neutral wire attached: it needs to stay powered all the time. This is because the neutral wire for the circuit is actually in the junction box that holds the light fixture, and the two wires coming down to the switch are the “hot” leg that will power the light.