How do I use macros in eClinicalWorks?

Macros are shortcuts to small sections of text. These can be used in the HPI and the treatment area. They are accessed by typing in the shortcut name, and then hitting the control key and spacebar at the same time. To view, create, and update macros, go to EMR → Miscellaneous Configuration Options → Configure Macros.

Creating a New Macro

  1. Open the EPIC Start dialog box in one of the following ways.
  2. Click Create new macro .
  3. Specify the name of the new macro library file in one of these ways.
  4. For Family , select X4000 or X4000a ; then select a Package , and Speed of the macro library file to create.
  5. Click OK .

Also Know, how do I customize my Epic toolbar? 1. Menu Personalization. Found under the More Activities button, Menu Personalization allows users to customize their Activity List and the Toolbar that runs along the top of the screen. Users can add additional Activities to their list of default activities and rearrange the order to meet their specific needs.

Subsequently, question is, how do I change font size in ECW?

To Change the Global Font Size:

  1. Click Program Options listed under Options and Security.
  2. Under the Font section, select the font size.
  3. Click Save Settings.

What are smart phrases?

SmartPhrases are system “dot phrases” that insert data or text into your note. The system contains over one thousand SmartPhrases. SmartPhrases that “link” to data are called Smart-Links. Smart-Links are useful and powerful tools-so use them.

How do you make dot phrases in epic?

Here are the instructions to create your own dot phrases: Step 1: Select the “Tools” heading, choose “Smart Tool Editors” and select “smart phrase”. Step 2: Select the file name which contains your name/user ID (you can not edit the NMFF standard set of smart phrases).

How do you create a flowsheet in epic?

Creating a flowsheet Click Settings ?in the top-right corner and select Flowsheets (under the Charting section) The Your practice tab lists all flowsheets that have been created for your practice. Start by entering the name of your flowsheet within the ?Details? field. You may then add Headers, Vitals, or Lab tests.

What is epic NoteWriter?

A NoteWriter macro can help you document your Procedure more efficiently. Creating a macro saves information that you commonly record in a procedure. You can create macros ‘On the fly’ while in the patient’s note or use the Macro Manager found in the Epic toolbar.

What is a Smartblock in epic?

When documenting a note, it is often helpful to have many of your possible choices pre-defined for easy selection. SmartLists are pre-defined lists of choices that users can select from using either their mouse or keyboard.

How do I delete a macro in epic?

Hover your mouse over the macro you want to delete to display the options menu icon ( ). Click the options menu icon and select Delete. The macro is permanently deleted.

What database does eClinicalWorks use?

MySQL :: MySQL Customer: eClinicalWorks.

How do I set up eClinicalMobile?

To configure the Minimum phone number length for the Opera Mini browser: Open the Opera Mini browser. Remove the www. Type opera:config into the address bar and click Send or Enter. The Power User Settings screen displays. Click the Save button. The Opera Mini browser is now configured for use with eClinicalMobile.

How do I unlock my eClinicalWorks account?

1) Using an administrator account, log in to eClinicalWorks, click on the “File” menu, then select “Security Settings”. 2) A new window will open. Click the button labeled “Locked Users”, located at the bottom right of the window. 3) Another new window will open, which will list all user accounts currently locked.