How do you measure armpit size?

Place one end of the tape measure at the edge of your left armpit. Don’t actually tuck the end under your arm. Hold the tape measure in place with your left hand and draw it across your chest to your right armpit. Don’t actually bring the tape measure under the arm.

Size Guide

HOODIE All sizes in Inches ” *Back is from bottom stitching of neck seam
SIZE Chest Pit to Pit (B)
SMALL 38″ 21″
MEDIUM 40″ 21.5″
LARGE 42″ 22″

One may also ask, what size is 19 armpit to armpit? There are two measurements in the table below; Width (across the chest armpit to armpit) and Length (shoulder to hem).

Kid’s T Shirts.

Size Width Length
M (7-8) 15-17 18-22
L (9-11) 16-18 20-22
XL (12-14) 17-19 24-26

Similarly, it is asked, what size is 24 inches pit to pit?

Men’s Long Sleeve T-shirts, Retro Shirts & Sweatshirts

Size Chest Pit-to-pit (1)
M 38”-40” 20″
L 40”-42” 21.5″
XL 42”-44” 23″
XXL 44”-48” 24″

How do you measure your size chart?

Women’s Size Chart

  1. Bust: Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust.
  2. Waist: Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose.
  3. Hips: With your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips about 8″ below your waist.

What size is 21 pit to pit?

FISHERMAN’S ROLL NECK / SWEATER Size Pit to Pit Back Small 51cm 20″ 61cm 24″ Medium 53cm 21″ 63.5cm 25″ Large 57cm 22½” 68.5cm 27″

What is pit length?

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS OF SHIRTS ALL PRESHRUNK STANDARD INDUSTRY SIZES. To measure shirts: under one arm across the chest to under the other arm (for pit to pit) the length is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem.

What chest size is 22?

Women’s Size Bust Waist 16 40″ | 101cm 32 3/4″ | 83cm 18 43″ | 108.5cm 35 3/4″ | 90cm 20 45 1/2″ | 116cm 38 1/2″ | 98cm 22 48″ | 122cm 41″ | 104cm

What is PTP size?

Measurements are taken on a single side of the garment, according to the measuring guide below, with the garment laying flat and not stretched. For example, if your actual bust measurement is 32 inch, take the size which has a stated pit-to-pit (PTP) or bust measurement of at least 16 inch (half of 32 inch).

What age is a 22 inch chest?

Girls Blouses Size (age) Chest Size (inches) 3/4 22 5/6 24 7/8 26 9/10 28

How is PTP measured?

Measure from shoulder top to the hem of the top. Chest / Pit to Pit (PTP): Measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. Keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.

How many inches is an XL shirt?

MEN’S SHIRTS SIZE GUIDE Size To fit Chest Size To fit Neck Size Inches Inches L 40-42 17 XL 42-44 17.5 XXL 44-46 18.5

What size is a 21 inch chest?

Raglan Sweatshirts S (38 – 40 inch chest) M (40 – 42 inch chest) XL (46 – 48 inch chest) A 19 ½ inch, 49 cm A 20 ¾ inch, 53 cm A 24 inch, 61 cm B 27 ¼ inch, 69 cm B 28 inch, 71 cm B 29 ¼ inch, 75 cm

What size is 18.5 shirt?

Shirts, Sweaters & Jackets Size Neck Chest Medium 16.5 – 17 39 – 41 Large 17 – 17.5 42 – 44 XL 18 – 18.5 45 – 48 2XL 18.5 – 19 49 – 52

How do you measure shoulder to hem?

The Shoulder to Hem measurement measures the total length of the garment from the shoulder down to the hem. This vertical measurement should be taken from the top of the shoulder (where the shoulder seam of a regular shirt would be) down to the hem of that particular design, which could be the knee, ankle, floor, etc.

What is pit to cuff?

pit-pit: armpit to armpit (across the back) back: Length of back (from lower edge of collar , if there is one) down to bottom of garment. pit-cuff: armpit to end of sleeve. Still guessing: pit would be the lower part of the hole in the garment through which the arm goes; presumably shoulder would be the upper part.

How do you measure a collar for a hem?

Button up the shirt and lay it flat on the ground with the back of the shirt facing up. Place the measuring tape at the seam where the collar band attaches to the yoke (the fabric that sits across the shoulders) and measure straight down the middle of the back of the shirt to the hem at its longest point.

What size is 20 width?

How to Find Your T-Shirt Measurements S L Body Length 23.5 26 Body Width 16 20 Sleeve Length 12.75 14.5

How do you measure width?

Place the end of the measuring tool at the top of the object. Extend the measuring tool along the entire vertical edge of the space until you reach the bottom of the object. Note the number on the measuring tool where the width edge ends and write this number down on your paper. This is the width measurement.