How far should you sit from your speakers?

For a 7-to-9-foot speaker spacing, I recommend that you sit at least 8 to 12 feet from the speakers. If you sit too close, the sound from each of the speakers’ drivers may not gel properly into a coherent whole. If you sit too far away, you’ll hear too much of the room.

A few of our suggestions for positioning speakers: Speakers should be laid out so that they play along the length of the room. If you have a surround-sound system for your TV in mind, your chair or sofa should ideally be placed nearer the middle of the room and not too close to the back wall.

how far away should rear speakers be? Place the rear surround speakers at 135-150 degrees off-axis, relative to the primary seating position. As with the side surround speakers, position the rear surround tweeters about 2 feet above head level when seated.

In respect to this, how far from TV should speakers be?

The distance between the stereo speakers should match the distance that you are sitting from the television. For example, if you are sitting 6 feet from the television, then each stereo speaker needs to be 3 feet away from the television. The center speaker should be aligned with the center of your television.

Should speakers be angled?

The golden rectangle rule states that a speaker’s distance to the nearest side wall should be at least 1.6 times its distance from the front wall. Once the speakers are in the ideal spot, angle them in by 30 degrees to face the listening spot (unless they are designed not to be angled).

Does it matter which speaker is left or right?

As long as the speakers aren’t mirror-image pair, it should not matter which speaker you use for the left or right, or whether you decide to switch them from one side to the other.

Can speakers be too big for a room?

Large speakers (with large drivers) can easily overpower a small rooms by producing too much bass. Since most speakers do not allow one to adjust the amount of bass, tuning the bass output of a speaker for a given room can be extremely difficult (often impossible).

Is it OK to put speakers on the floor?

DO recognize audio speakers are most effective at ear-level. If you’re a stickler for sound, the floor is not the best place for them. If your speakers are small enough, consider placing them on a desk, shelf or console. DON’T ever put your speakers directly on the floor.

Should a subwoofer be on the floor?

There are a few things which you would need to do to improve the quality of bass in your room. Getting the subwoofer placement right is one of them. As far as placing the subwoofer on the floor is concerned, the quick answer is that this is not the best option. Ideally, it should be elevated for the best sound output.

How do you break in speakers?

Turn the speakers up a little louder than you normally would will help loosen up the material. After about 100 hours of use, your speakers should be broken in. The speaker surround and spider materials loosen up the more the speaker is used. Not all speakers will sound dramatically different after break-in.

Should surround speakers be angled down?

The surrounds should be slightly higher than the front speakers in the room. In the region of about 1 to 2 feet above head height when sitting down. Although this can depend on the design of the speaker. They can also be angled down to point at the seating position if the stands or brackets allow.

Do speaker magnets affect LCD TVs?

Often owners of Plasma or LCD TV’s are worried about magnets or magnetic fields due to speaker placement and the magnet the speakers contain. Speakers can occasionally cause a problem with old CRT televisions. However, most new CRT models are unaffected by magnetic fields or powerful magnets such as rare-earth magnets.

Is it safe to put speakers near a TV?

Since large speakers contain large, fairly powerful magnets, they shouldn’t be placed right next to the television, although even a foot of separation was generally safe. As such, placing a magnet, even outside of the speaker, near a flat screen television won’t hurt anything.

How wide are front speakers?

Front Speakers You should avoid setting the speakers farther apart than the distance from each speaker to the listening position. I recommend that you place the speakers at least 7 feet apart for any listening position that will be 10 to 12 feet from the screen of a one-piece television and no more than 10 feet apart.

How do you place speakers?

Place your seat the same distance from your speakers as they are from each other. In other words, your chair and speakers should form an equal-sided triangle. Angle your speakers inward to focus their sound toward your listening position. Avoid placing your speakers and seat smack up against your walls.

How do you install front speakers?

How to Place the Front Speakers in a Home Theater Set up your center channel speaker first. Make sure the front surface of the center channel speaker is flush with the TV display. Keep the right and left channel speakers the same distance from your listening position as the front speaker. Toe-in the left and right speakers.

Where should floor standing speakers be placed?

Setting Up Floor Standing Speakers A good rule is to place them about 3 feet from the front wall. Also, try to place the speaker in a way that the speaker’s distance from the nearest side wall is 1.6 times the distance from the front wall. If your room is wider than it is longer, then apply the reverse rule.