What does PCG mean on MLS?

ACT means active. NEW means just listed. (These include properties that were listed before under a different MLS number.) PCG means price change. Properties marked BOM have come back on the market after the active marketing has been suspended by being UAG, WDN, CAN, or EXP.

back on the market

what does a i mean on MLS? Closed. CTG. Contingent Codes. A/I. Attorney Approval/Home Inspection.

Moreover, what does LC mean on MLS?

DFT – Deal Fell Through. SC – Sold Conditional. LC – Leased Conditional.

What is PCG?

A parent company guarantee (PCG) is a form of security that may be required by clients to protect them in the event of default on a contract by a contractor that is controlled by a parent company (or holding company). Performance bonds are commonly-used alternatives to parent company guarantees.

What does PC mean in MLS?

Price Change

What does act 1st RGT mean?

Definition of Active – First Right When a home is listed as “Active – First Right,” it means the seller has made a prior arrangement with a buyer who will be given the opportunity to match any subsequent offers. This is also known as a Right of Refusal.

What does Status Act mean?

A listing which is “ACT” is an on-market listing that has not had a status change in the last 3 or more days. The listing will appear on an active search, client matches, and all opted-in online publishers.

What is BOM in real estate?

It actually has nothing to do with “Bank Owned.” In the cut-off, use-every-available-letter-in-the-description-allowed world of real estate listings, BOM is shorthand for “Back On Market.” It means someone was trying to sell their home, got an offer on it and accepted it, and for whatever reason the person who was

What does active RFR mean?

ACT “Active RFR” (Right of First Refusal) means there’s a contract on the home but with a RFR contingency. BOM For some reason, the contract fell through and the home is now “back on the market” or it’s no longer withdrawn and it’s back on the market. PCH The price has changed.

What does Cs stand for in real estate?

conditionally sold

What does EXP mean in real estate?

eXp Realty is agent owned meaning that agents can acquire stock in the company and have a vested ownership in the brokerage.

What does RAC stand for in real estate?

Properties marked BOM have come back on the market after the active marketing has been suspended by being UAG, WDN, CAN, or EXP. Sometimes, I see this marked as RAC, which means reactivated.

What does D Listed mean in real estate?

If so it may mean that the home was delisted or withdrawn from the MLS, or the listing agent removed the listing from the market by the request of the homeowner. To get updates when the home goes back on the market, add the property to your list of Favorites.

What does o/o mean in real estate?

OO stands for Owner-Occupied (real estate)

What does H W mean in real estate?

The words after the names could be “husband and wife” (also abbreviated as H/W), or “joint tenant with right of survivorship” (abbreviated as JTWROS), or “tenants in common.” Each of those phrases means something in law that could affect your rights as an owner.

What is pending vs contingent?

Pending. Contingent means the seller of the home has accepted an offer—one that comes with contingencies, or a condition that must be met for the sale to go through. Contingent—Continue to Show: The seller has accepted an offer which hinges on one or several contingencies.

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