What is flash curing?

Flash curing is when you incorporate a heating source into the inline printing process. The flash is not intended to fully cure the ink but to just make it “dry to the touch,” so that other colors can then be printed on top to make them brighter.

Flash Curing allows one or more colours in a design to be touch dried prior to the subsequent colour being printed; these colours are said to have been ‘Flash Cured‘. Flash Cure printing on textiles takes advantage of the two-stage curing of plastisol inks.

Additionally, how long do you flash dry a shirt? Flash or Spot Cure Drying Set the flash cure heater to the highest temperature and placed heating element 3 inches over the garment for 25 – 35 seconds (generally speaking).

Also, what is a flash dryer used for?

The flash dryer is a very important part of the screen printing process. A flash dryer is used in screen printing in one of two ways. In a production setting, a screen printing flash dryer is used to set or gel the ink in order to print another color beside or on top of it.

Can you cure plastisol ink with a flash dryer?

yes, you can cure plastisol inks with a flash dryer. If you have an infrared temp gun, use is to make sure the ink is all at the curing temperature plus some to make sure the heat gets all the way through the ink.

How do you use flash cure gel?

A flash cure is just a fast cure. Just put your hand in the your lamp for 5-10 seconds, then take it out again. Flash curing helps with wrinkling and shrinking.

What is flash cure for screen printing?

When to Use a Flash Cure Also known as “flash dryers”, this term is somewhat misleading. Flash cures aren’t meant for fully drying prints; they’re designed to let you partially cure, or “gel”, a layer of plastisol ink so you can print another layer on top.

How do you heat cure a screen print?

So you can wash your t-shirt, you’ll need to cure the print with some heat. You can cure your print by passing it through a special heat tunnel, or you can simply use an iron and a piece of brown paper. Let the print air dry, then place the t-shirt print facing up onto the ironing board.

Can you cure a shirt with a flash dryer?

Curing with a Flash Dryer In order to cure a t-shirt with a flash dryer, you will want to pull your shirt off of the press platen after printing so it is not secured with the adhesive. Leaving the shirt adhered to the platen causes issues with letting the heat penetrate the garment.

How does a flash dryer work?

Flash Drying Process Wet material is dispersed into a stream of heated air (or gas) which conveys it through a drying duct. Using the heat from the airstream, the material dries as it is conveyed. Product is separated using cyclones, and/or bag filters.

Can you cure plastisol ink with a heat press?

Plastisol Inks It’s thicker than water-based inks. Drying Info: Heat to 320ºF to cure it. You can use a heat gun to dry it. If using a heat press, cover the print with a teflon sheet before pressing, and wait for it to cool before peeling the teflon off of the print.

How long does it take for plastisol ink to cure?

one minute