Why does my pressure washer overheat?

This is usually caused by a thermal relief valve which is installed to prevent the pump from overheating. The water in the washer gets trapped and fresh cool water cannot enter. To release this water pull the trigger after about every minute. Overheating can cause permanent damage to your pump.

Excessive by-pass causes the pump to heat up within minutes to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. Depressing the gun jet while the pump is hot causes thermal shock by sending fresh, cold water over hot pistons.

Furthermore, why does my pressure washer smoke? Place the pressure washer on a level surface and check the oil level using the dipstick. If the engine is overfilled with oil, drain oil to within the proper range. An improper fuel/air mix can also cause the engine to smoke. A choke that won’t open causes excessive smoke.

Also know, why does my pressure washer keep cutting off?

Sometimes, pressure washer shuts off due to the problem with the O-rings. Your unloader valve has O-rings that are generally known as washer or seal. If the O-rings are torn out, deteriorated, or in a poor state that is not enough to seal the oil pump, it may fail your unloader valve to work properly.

How do I stop my pressure washer from overheating?

The water in the washer gets trapped and fresh cool water cannot enter. To release this water pull the trigger after about every minute. Do not keep your washer running if you are not going to use it for a while, simply turn it off. Overheating can cause permanent damage to your pump.

Why is pressure washer surging?

When you pull the trigger on your pressure washer, if the water pressure is good for a moment but then weakens, you have a surging issue. A few factors could be causing this problem. Generally, this means that the flow rate required by the pump cannot be supported by the water supply.

How long do pressure washer pumps last?

With higher quality pressure washers, the life expectancy of their pumps is closer to 500 hours. On average, households use their water pressure washer around 50 hours per year. This means that with a low cost pressure washer, the pump should last the average homeowner a year or two before it gives out.

Can you let a pressure washer idle?

For this reason you should not let your pressure washer idle, not spraying water for more than a few minutes. When it gets that hot, water seals and o-rings soften and wear quickly. Valves can be distorted and warp. Cavitation forms in the low pressure side of the pump destroying components.

What is the unloader valve on a pressure washer?

Pressure Washer Unloader / Regulator Valves. An unloader valve is the component of a pressure washer that allows the pump to bypass the flow of water back to the pump while the spray gun is not being used. Most unloader valves also act as a pressure regulator for the output pressure of the pump.

How long should you run a pressure washer?

Let the washer run for a minute to warm up. To avoid damaging the pump: Never run a washer longer than three to five minutes (depending on the model) while the trigger is off. With the washer running and the trigger locked “off,” adjust pressure and spray settings, or insert nozzle tips in the spray wand.

Does my pressure washer pump need oil?

A pump doesn’t have an oil filter. That’s why it is recommended to use non-detergent oil in pressure cleaner pumps. If you use detergent oil in a pump, all the contaminates it cleans off the surfaces will be flowing through the oil.

How do you troubleshoot a pressure washer pump?

Your Engine Won’t Start or is Lacking Power Run water through pressure washer until all air is removed from the hose. Check your air filter. Clean if dirty and replace if damaged. Check oil level. Change if needed. Top off fuel in tank. Make sure your spark plug is connected to the wire. If your engine was smoking:

Why has my Karcher lost pressure?

A loss of pressure can be caused by a number of things. If you have completed these steps and the washer is still fluctuating from high to low pressure, there may be air trapped in the pump. To bleed the pump of any air, turn the machine off and disconnect the high pressure hose and trigger gun from your power washer.